Close to the hotel you will find activities and attractions for every taste and activity level.

See some of the activities and attractions below.



The Aboretum is a small park, just a short walk from the hotel by the old and magnificent vicars garden. Here you will find trees that are over 200 years old with origins from the southern part of the world. .


ENAMEL workshop

15 minutes away from the hotel, at Skrovlene, you will find the enamel workshop owned by Mr. and Mrs. Haukaas. The workshop is open every weekday. As a guest at our hotel you are welcome outside opening hours. Read more here.


Hiking to near by summits

With Dragsvik hotel as your staring point you can reach many a summit by foot. One of the marked route highlights is “Mastene” and Tjuatoten at 1098 masl. Both the summits offer panoramic views over the fjord landscape. You will find more routes on the Balestrand map for hikers.


Hiking - Walking

Right by the hotel you will find low key walks and hikes that will take you down to the fjord or closer to the mountains. In the afternoon, just being outdoors looking at the special fjord light is quite the experience. Klibberg nature trail is an easy access walk close by that will reconnect you to the outdoors.


Fjord excursion

If you want to experience Balestrand from the fjord there are different excursions to join. Balestrand Fjord Adventure offers RIB tours in the Balestrand Area and to the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord. Read more here. Balestrand Fjord Angling offers fjord safari and fishing. Read more her. Kayaking with a guide is also available. Read more her.


The artistic town

The history and tradition of travel and tourism in Balestrand dates all the way back to 1800ad. It all started with artists settling after being breath-taken and inspired by the scenery. Today you will find artists living and working in Balestrand. From the centre of Balestrand you can walk alongside the shores and discover artistic work, buildings and attractions.

Norsk reiselivsmuseum. © David Zadig

Norsk reiselivsmuseum. © David Zadig

museum of travel and tourism

Get to know the history behind travel and tourism in Norway. Carved straight into the mountain side with an impressive architecture the Norwegian museum of travel and tourism is worth a visit. The museum has a nice cafè called Vindreken. Read more her

Utsikten, Nasjonal turistveg Gaularfjellet. © Per Ritzler / Statens vegvesen

Utsikten, Nasjonal turistveg Gaularfjellet. © Per Ritzler / Statens vegvesen

Gaularfjellet lookout point

National Tourist Route Gaularfjellet is know for it´s nine winding turns up the mountain side to the quite spectacular “Utsikten” look out point. This is a popular area for hiking with beautiful waterfalls and rivers. Read more her.



From Balestrand you can reach the idyllic village of Fjærland by boat and go see both glaciers and the glacier museum.  Departure from Balestrand twice a day during the summer season. Read more here. Les meir her



Use the ferry to visit close by towns and villages. From Dragsvik you can reach Vangsnes with the impressive statue of Fridtjov the Brave or travel to the town of Vik to see the Hopperstad Stave Church. Read more here.